Catering Menu Our catering menu offers the perfect options for all meat lovers, for any occasion!

(20) person order minimum – All orders contain a Bread roll with butter

Menu A – $11.99 per person
BBQ Beef Ribs (3 each)
Includes baked beans and corn cobbette
Menu B – $10.79 per person
Meat balls (2 each) and penne pasta
Includes green beans, choice of cole slaw or tossed green salad
Menu C – $11.89 per person
One-half bavarian roast chicken with choice of mashed potatoes or stuffing
Includes green beans and tossed green salad
Menu D – $10.79 per person
Bratwurst or garlic sausage
Includes sauerkraut and baked beans, coleslaw
Menu E – $10.99 per person
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Includes carrots, baby potatoes, and a tossed green salad
Menu F – $7.99 per person
Sliced Meat and Cheese Sandwich Tray
Choice of 2 of the following:
Roast Beef, Baked Ham or Roast Turkey
Includes sliced Swiss and cheddar cheese on a sweet
french sandwich roll with condiments.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • 15% service charge will apply
    (Service charge includes: paper products, napkins, and utensils)
  • 25% deposit required (non-refundable if order is
    cancelled with less than 72 hours notice
  • 20 person minimum order