The History of Sam’s Hof Brau
This is the story behind Sam’s Hof Brau

What is a “Hof Brau”?

The term “Hof Brau” translates to “court brew” and originally referred to the libations that were served to Germany’s royal courts. Given the devotion of the clientele frequents today’s Sam’s Hof Brau, they feel like royalty, too. And it’s no wonder– sizeable portions of robust fare make this a place where no one walks away hungry.

The History of Sam’s Hof Brau

When restaurateur Sam Gordon opened Sam’s Hof Brau in 1959, he had a clear understanding of the irresistible appeal of homemade comfort food and great beer at value pricing. And despite a change of ownership and a subtle name change over the years, the basic premise of the restaurant hasn’t been altered a bit.

Sam’s Hof Brau and ten other restaurants established by the late Sam Gordon were purchased in the 1960s by the Denny’s Corporation, which started selling them off individually a few years later. In 1992, Pete Lennarz, who began working for Gordon as a teenager, bought the Watt and El Camino location and was determined to maintain its authenticity.

The restaurant is now under ownership by The Hof Brau Investment Group, whose commitment to keeping the true flavor of this landmark is equally as strong. Sure, the building is undergoing some renovations, new equipment is appearing in the kitchen, and the menu is being tweaked here and there, but the heart and soul of Sam’s Hof Brau still reflects Sam Gordon’s original vision: fresh, stick-to-your-ribs food at “piggy bank” prices.